Potent & Rapid Mindset Change

Head Trash Clearance is a simple yet efficient method for getting rid of traumas, fears, anxieties, doubts and self-sabotage.

As a DIY-tool it’s easy-to-use and can bring rapid relief for day-to-day stresses, fears and anxieties.

Professionals can use it to bring about rapid and profound changes for their clients.

head trash clearance

Our Courses

Learn the art of Head Trash Clearance with our online courses.

Learn how to master the tool for personal use, or learn how to use it professionally.

Our professional courses are for therapists, coaches and other emotional support professionals.

Clear Your Head Trash

Learn how you can achieve more clarity, calmness and confidence by clearing head trash.

Practitioner Training

Our foundation course for professionals that teaches the fundamental principles of using Head Trash Clearance with others.

Head Trash Coaching

Applied Head Trash Clearance for coaches and change-makers.

clear your head trash

Download a chapter of the book

  • Find out how to use the Head Trash Clearance
  • Discover where your head trash comes from
  • Create some head space and find inner peace

Head Trash Clearance
for yourself

Try clearing your head trash for a week.

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Praise for Head Trash Clearance

“This is the easiest, quickest and most potent method I have ever seen. 

And it really works!

Inge Ingeborg

Coach & Mentor

It seems so simple that you can’t imagine it will work, but it does.

It’s a really useful ‘instant therapy’ to have to hand.

Psychologies Magazine

Head trash clearance is just exceptional.

It just unlocks stuff!


CEO, SaaS Company

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