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Clearing self-sabotage. What it looks like: an example

Today I want to share with you what clearing self-sabotage looks like. Like EXACTLY. I'm going to share with you an example of someone I worked with so that you can better understand how we self-sabotage. And perhaps this will help you with your own self-sabotaging...

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Why a CBT therapist wants to train in Head Trash Clearance

If you're a therapist considering adding Head Trash Clearance to your toolkit of techniques, then this is for you. I am often asked by therapists how Head Trash Clearance differs from other techniques and modalities. As I've not personally trained in any traditional...

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OCD reduced by 80%. Becky’s story

I want to share Becky's story with you. Becky came for help with her tokophobia. Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth, and is often accompanied by other mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. In this case, Becky was also suffering...

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Needle phobia gone in 5 minutes

In the early days of using Head Trash Clearance I was still using it tentatively because I was in testing mode. And then the perfect opportunity presented itself. I had just found out that I was pregnant and was at my first hospital appointment with the midwife. She...

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How much do people ACTUALLY self-sabotage?

I bet you have no idea how much you actually self-sabotage. I’ll tell you how many sabotaging blocks you have in a bit (it’s way more than you think!) We all self-sabotage, some more than others obvs. Here are some clues that self-sabotage is in play… Being able to...

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$30,000 chasing the wrong dream

I worked with a coach who wanted to ditch her job and do her coaching full-time. She wanted to be the best coach she could be and had invested over $30,000 in getting trained in All.The.Things. She’d even persuaded her husband to let them re-mortgage their house so...

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Why clearance and mindset should be a practice

To feel and perform at your best, head trash clearance and mindset should be a practice. Once you get your head around the idea of head trash and that it’s something that you can clear quite easily, it’s easy to get excited about it. Well, it was for me and it's...

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