Today I want to share with you what clearing self-sabotage looks like.


I’m going to share with you an example of someone I worked with so that you can better understand how we self-sabotage. And perhaps this will help you with your own self-sabotaging ways.

Self-sabotage is something we can all relate to.

Personally, I’m an expert. An expert self-sabotager, but also an expert and getting rid of it (thank God!). The thing is, it’s much easier to clear in others than in yourself. This sucks for me, but it’s great for the people who come to me for help.

This one of the reasons is why I’m looking for people to train in my methods. At least then someone can work with ME on my self-sabotage! (if you’re a coach and would like to find out more, get in touch).

Self-sabotage Clearance

I’ve developed a clearance process for getting rid of self-sabotage which means that it’s possible to get rid of all the sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage really easily (and quickly).

No positive thinking.
No affirmations.
No meditation.
No manifesting.
No journalling.
No need to chat with supportive friends.
No banging your head against a brick wall.

Just clearance.

This is a process that I train this process on the Head Trash Coaching Training programme. I’ve talked about this self-sabotage clearance process before;

Self-sabotage; everything you need to know

How to eliminate self-sabotage

Somewhere along the way I shared how many typical sources of self-sabotage I come across; it’s usually around 25-35;

How much do you ACTUALLY self-sabotage?

Yes you read that right. For any goal that you are pursuing, there are probably around 25-35 separate blocks that are standing between you and your goal. If you’re a coach, then this is what’s getting in your clients’ way.

You have conscious and sub-conscious blocks

Some of these are conscious. In other words, you are aware of them and would be able to think of them if I asked you. But many of these aren’t; they’re sub-conscious. This means that not only can you not think of them (and therefore identify them), but it also means that you won’t be able to eliminate them. How can you get rid of something that you don’t know exists?

When I work with people to clear their self-sabotage, we clear ALL of these blocks: the conscious ones and the subconscious ones. And we could be clearing up to 35 separate blocks.

Of course it could be more, or it could be less. But this is the typical number that I come across.

The exact number will depend on all sorts of factors;

  • how much head trash you have
  • how much inner work you’ve done
  • how self-aware you are
  • whether the goal is stretching your comfort zone or not
  • whether this goal intersects with some big personal head trash themes for you

For example, let’s say you have money mindset issues and challenges around self-worth. Now perhaps your goal is around putting your prices up for a program or service you want to sell. If this is you then a lot of your blocks will be related to the money mindset and self-worth head trash you already have. Whereas if you don’t have money mindset issues then launching something with increased prices will probably have less sabotage around it.

This is why if you’ve done inner work (and have relatively high levels of self-awareness), the number of individual sabotaging blocks will be less. But they will still be present.

Since i’ve been sharing the humber of likely blocks people face around their goals, people have been messaging me because they’re curious.

The questions I get are mostly these;

“What kind of blocks?”

“How can we have 35 blocks on ONE goal? 35, really?????”

To help peeps get their head around this I figured it might be useful if I shared some examples.

One example of clearing self-sabotage

So, I thought I’d share an example of someone I worked with on a particular goal. That way you can find out for yourself what these blocks can look like and maybe this will help you to identify them for yourself.

Self-awareness is an important first step.

Clearance is the next one for sure (especially if you want to get rid of these blocks quickly) but conscious awareness enables you to start dealing with things. And that’s what I hope I can help you with by sharing this example with you.

A business owner’s goal to launch a new training program

The example I’m going to share with you on this podcast is someone who is launching a new training program in her business and it’s part of an important pivot for her business as she moves away from face-to face interactions and in-person events to providing training (online and in-person) and building a network of practitioners worldwide.

During this podcast I share

  • each of the blocks that came up and that we cleared
  • the bigger head trash themes that came up for her that she wasn’t aware were sabotaging this goal
  • how long we took to clear them all
  • things that you can look out for in terms of your own self-sabotage

I hope you find this useful, and if you’re struggling with self-sabotage and it’s seriously getting in your way, then let me invite you to get in touch.