If you’re a therapist considering adding Head Trash Clearance to your toolkit of techniques, then this is for you.

I am often asked by therapists how Head Trash Clearance differs from other techniques and modalities.

As I’ve not personally trained in any traditional therapeutic techniques this is a difficult one for me to answer with any clarity. This is why I’ve invited Heather McFarlane for a chat so that she can answer this question for me.

Heather is an experienced CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) therapist who discovered Head Trash Clearance when she was looking for support with something personal that she wasn’t making any progress with by using other therapeutic techniques and approaches.

Heather came to me for help with her tokophobia. Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth and affects between 5 and 30% of women in varying degrees.

At the time I was running my Tokophobia Support Group program. At the time this was a month-long online program, where I would support a group of women in guiding and mentoring them through clearing their pregnancy and birth fears using Head Trash Clearance.

During the program, Heather was able to eliminate a huge part of her tokophobia, but she knew she needed to do a bit more personal clearance work to achieve her goal which was to decide whether she wanted to be a mother, and if that was a yes, to start trying.

Heather put in a few more months of personal clearance work until she reached the point when she felt able to start trying for a baby.

Fast forward to today and Heather is the mother of a one-year-old, “a miracle” given where she was.

This success has inspired Heather to want to train in Head Trash Clearance so that she can offer this kind of transformational work to her therapy clients.

During our conversation we talk about

  • Heather’s journey in overcoming tokophobia
  • Why she wants to train in Head Trash Clearance (HTC)
  • How HTC differs to CBT
  • Practically what are the differences in offering HTC to clients versus CBT
  • How to decide whether HTC is worth training for

Watch Alexia and Heather in conversation