Coaches achieve BETTER RESULTS and IN LESS TIME with Head Trash Coaching

Combine coaching with Head Trash Clearance for potent and rapid results that will astound your clients

Described as a “game-changing” technique, Head Trash Clearance restores mental and emotional balance efficiently and elegantly.

What is Head Trash Coaching?

Head Trash Coaching is a new coaching style that enables us to achieve more powerful results in a shorter amount of time.

By combining Head Trash Clearance with coaching, we’re able to unleash a potent transformational tool that delivers rapid results which will astound your clients.

It’s turbo-powered coaching!

“This is the easiest, quickest and most potent method I have ever seen. 

And it really works!

Inge Kramprud

Coach and Mentor

This Head Trash Coaching online training will …

Enable you to raise your prices as your results explode

Create new ways of serving your clients

Provide you with a uniquely powerful solution to your clients

Enable you to help your clients experience transformation quickly

As someone who has been seeking freedom from my baggage for over 25 years this is without doubt the jewel in the crown. Sometimes you are given an opportunity that is the key to a future of freedom, choice and flexibility. If this opportunity comes your way you HAVE to grasp it with both hands and give thanks that you are the chosen one.

Michele Walsh

Success Coach, Ms Money Maker

Head Trash Coaching can help you to


As a coach, it’s not uncommon to be working with a client to find that some goals just elude them. This usually comes to light when your client comes back to sessions with yet another excuse for not having taken action.

There are two possible culprits here;

1 – When the client originally identified their goal, they truly believed it was the right goal. But it wasn’t. This usually happens when there is a conflict at an unconscious level with their values or true desires.

2 – They sabotage sub-consciously. They may or may not realise it, but they are powerless in doing anything about it. Perhaps that’s why they’ve come to you.

How would you like to help your clients overcome both of these?

This would enable your clients to achieve MORE in LESS time.

Head Trash Coaching can help you to do this by;

  • Uncovering the REAL goals sooner; ones that are aligned with their values and true desires
  • Removing the sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage and inner conflict that stand between your clients and their goals

Head trash clearance is just exceptional.

It just unlocks stuff!


CEO, Saas Company

The Head Trash Coaching Training includes …

Online Training

Enjoy lifetime access to the online classes so that you can watch them at your own pace and revisit content as much as you like.

Practical Assessment

You will need to complete a minimum number of client cases studies to complete your training, and one of your client calls will be reviewed by our Lead Trainer as part of your assessment.

Private Support

We provide private support and guidance to our our Head Trash Coaches. We want you to be the very best at Head Trash Coaching and will be there to help you get there.

Here’s what you’ll learn as part of your training

PLEASE NOTE: Head Trash Coaching Training requires you to have completed the Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training. This provides you with a foundation in using Head Trash Clearance with clients.

Find out more about the Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training.

Here’s what Head Trash Coaching Training includes;

You’ll learn how to integrate Head Trash Coaching into your Coaching practice and…

  • How to apply Head Trash Clearance to the coaching environment
  • Tell when head trash is getting in the way of your client’s goals, WHAT it is and HOW to clear it.
  • Quickly identify what the priority focus is for you to work on with your clients.
  • Remove the fears and conflicts that are keeping them stuck

You’ll learn how to clear self-sabotage quickly to unlock RAPID change and …

  • How to identify when self-sabotage is affecting your client’s ability to achieve their goals
  • How to neutralise sub-conscious self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours BEFORE they happen.
  • Tell when there is no more self-sabotage that has the potential to affect your client’s goal.

You’ll learn to carry out trauma clearances and how to …

  • Identify when there is a trauma getting in the way of your client experiencing success
  • Clear any traumas quickly and elegantly, even those that are not consciously known
  • Identify the source of the traumas, and how many there are
  • Clear numerous traumas at once

You’ll learn how to create various Head Trash Coaching Programmes so that you can scale your business and increase your revenue;

  • You’ll learn how to create and run Head Trash Clearance Group Programmes effectively without compromising on results.
  • You’ll discover how to support clients on their Head Trash Clearance journey
  • How to offer Head Trash Clearance programmes of differing lengths ranging from 1-month intensives, to 6 or 12-month high ticket.

This means you will…

  • Be able to raise your prices as your results explode
  • Scale your business and increase your revenue.
  • Accelerate the results you can help your clients to achieve
  • Spend less time coaching with no sacrifice on results
  • Speed up to coaching journey and get results FAST.
  • Empower your clients so that they can fully own their success and manage their mindset effectively. 

Head Trash
Coaching Training


  • Head Trash Coaching online training
  • Private support & guidance
  • Live classes
  • Private study group
  • Practical assessment
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Training Certificate

Payment plan available. Spread your payments over 10 months: £200 per month

SAVE £250 when you sign up for
Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training + Head Trash Coaching Training
£4500 £4250.

Wow! The head trash training! Just brilliant! I talked my friend’s ear off about it. She wants to do it!


Happiness Coach