Take your trauma healing to the next level, and help your clients to release all that does not serve them.

Combine trauma healing with Head Trash Clearance for potent and rapid results that will support your clients at the deepest level.

Described as a “game-changing” technique, Head Trash Clearance restores mental and emotional balance efficiently and elegantly.

What is Head Trash Trauma Healing?

Head Trash Trauma Healing is a layered approach to healing traumas.

The process works through various aspects of trauma in turn so that each layer can be healed before moving on to the next.

It targets traumas and wounds from our current life, those from our time in the womb and our past lives, and ancestral trauma. It can also be used to heal collective traumas (shared experiences) and land traumas.

By combining it with Head Trash Clearance, you’re able to unleash a potent transformational tool that delivers rapid results which can achieve a deep level of healing for your clients.

It’s next level healing.

“This is the easiest, quickest and most potent method I have ever seen. 

And it really works!

Inge Kramprud

Coach and Mentor

This Head Trash Trauma training will …

Help you to heal at a much deeper level

Enable you to reach more people with your healing

Create new ways of serving your clients

Enable you to raise your prices as your results explode

Provide you with a uniquely powerful solution for your clients

Enable you to help your clients experience transformation quickly

As someone who has been seeking freedom from my baggage for over 25 years this is without doubt the jewel in the crown. Sometimes you are given an opportunity that is the key to a future of freedom, choice and flexibility. If this opportunity comes your way you HAVE to grasp it with both hands and give thanks that you are the chosen one.

Michele Walsh

Success Coach, Ms Money Maker

Head Trash Trauma Healing offers next level healing.

Heal hidden wounds and traumas rapidly.

Where Head Trash Trauma Healing differs to other approaches is in its scope of healing.

The focus of many trauma healing approaches is on event-based traumas – specific events that were experienced as traumatic – often referred to as acute, chronic or complex trauma.

But these are not the only kinds of traumas that we suffer from. There are other traumas that are calling to be healed if we are to truly heal at a deep level.

Many people have not had any one-off traumatic events (acute trauma) or they have not been exposed to a multitude of traumatic events in their lives (chronic or complex trauma). But, that doesn’t mean they are not suffering from unresolved trauma. So, what kind of trauma are they suffering from?

It’s more than likely to be the accumulation of micro-traumas.

Micro traumas are sometimes referred to as hidden wounds because, on their own, they don’t seem to be emotionally significant, so they’re rarely noticed or acknowledged. But when enough of them are experienced, they create deep emotional wounds that will continue to perpetuate until they are healed.

What makes these micro-traumas so toxic for those suffering from them is that they don’t really know they’re there because there is nothing from their past life experience to suggest that they even have a trauma to heal. And yet, in their life today, they are suffering from clear signs of unresolved trauma. This can leave them feeling confused and stuck on their healing journey.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could support these people in letting go of these deep emotional wounds?

This would enable your clients to release their hidden wounds and move on.

Head trash clearance is just exceptional.

It just unlocks stuff!


CEO, Saas Company

The Head Trash Trauma Training includes …

Online Training

Enjoy lifetime access to the online classes so that you can watch them at your own pace and revisit content as much as you like.

Practical Assessment

You will need to complete a minimum number of client cases studies to complete your training, and one of your client calls will be reviewed by our Lead Trainer as part of your assessment.

Private Support

We provide private support and guidance to our our Head Trash Practitioners. We want you to be the very best at using Head Trash Clearance and will be there to help you.

Here’s what you’ll learn as part of your training

PLEASE NOTE: Head Trash Trauma Training requires you to have completed the Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training. This provides you with a foundation in using Head Trash Clearance with clients.

Find out more about the Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training.

Here is what you will learn on this training;

  • How to uncover hidden wounds and traumas.
  • How to identify the various layers of trauma that may be present.
  • How to identify the trauma healing priorities for each client.
  • How to provide a unique trauma healing experience that addresses the needs of the individual.
  • How to plan and prioritise an extended program of trauma healing for your clients.
  • How to blend the trauma healing with other Head Trash Clearance frameworks for optimal results.

Here are the different types of trauma that you’ll learn how to heal

  • Specific traumatic events
  • Hidden wounds and theme-based trauma (micro-traumas)
  • Past life traumas
  • In-utero traumas
  • Ancestral traumas
  • Shared experiences or collective traumas
  • Land traumas

The training also includes practical aspects;

  • How to prepare for your trauma healing sessions.
  • Training includes session templates that you can use to help your sessions run smoothly.
  • How to plan your session time, and decide what session length suits you best.

Help the masses heal their trauma – scale your business and increase your revenue;

  • How to create and run Group Trauma Healing Events and Programmes effectively without compromising on results.
  • How to create audio tracks of Trauma Healings for passive income and to enable you to reach more people.
  • How to offer Trauma Healing programmes of differing lengths ranging from 1-month intensives, to 6 or 12-month high ticket.

This means you will…

  • Be able to raise your prices as your results explode.
  • Reach more people with your healing… you really can change the world!
  • Scale your business and increase your revenue without spending more time on your healing business.
  • Accelerate the results you can help your clients to achieve.

Head Trash
Trauma Training


  • Head Trash Trauma online training
  • Private support & guidance
  • Live classes
  • Private study group
  • Practical assessment
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Training Certificate

Payment plan available. Spread your payments over 10 months: £200 per month

SAVE £250 when you sign up for
Head Trash Clearance Practitioner Training + Head Trash Trauma Training
£4500 £4250.

Wow! The head trash training! Just brilliant! I talked my friend’s ear off about it. She wants to do it!


Happiness Coach