The Self-Sabotage Clearance Method

We think we’re in control, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we’re not. Not really. The driving power behind our behaviour comes from deep within. The same place where our deepest fears, emotional conflicts and beliefs hang out.

We’re a bit like the captain of a viking longship. He likes to think that he decides which way he wants his ship to go, but it doesn’t really matter what he wants because the true power lies below deck; it’s the rowers who are in real control of the ship. And if they don’t do what he says, then the boat won’t go where he wants it to go. He can shout all he wants. But if they’re ignoring him or have other plans, then it just doesn’t matter.

A lot like our minds.

We might think that our conscious mind is running the show, but the real control is happening subconsciously. And if we don’t take a look below deck, then we could be going around in circles for ever.

The problem lies in that it’s not that easy to look below deck and see what’s really going on. Usually, the first sign we have that something isn’t right is when we don’t actually get to the destination we were aiming for. And even then, we’re still clueless. Yes we know that we’re not where we wanted to be, but that in itself doesn’t tell us what’s wrong or how to fix it. This creates frustration and helplessness. Now we KNOW that there’s something wrong, but we don’t know what to do about it. And so we carry on going round in circles.

The Self-Sabotage Clearance Method

The Self-Sabotage Clearance Method is a unique and potent process for eliminating the sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage that stand between a person and their goals.

It’s ideal for helping with goals that seem to persistently elude someone or to clear the path that stands between them and their ambitious goals.

It can be used to

  • Help people to achieve their goals rapidly and with minimal friction.
  • Establish up-front whether the goal is the right goal and whether it is truly aligned with their heart’s desires.
  • Clear all the sub-conscious blocks to a particular desire or goal.
  • Identify key patterns that are playing out in someone’s life. The chances are that if these patterns are affecting this one goal, then they will be affecting other aspects of their life too. Once identified, these patterns can be fully cleared.

The process itself takes around 90 minutes. It depends on how much self-sabotage is present so it could be shorter or it could be longer. Some sessions have been known to last as long as two and half hours!

The work done in a Sabotage Clearance Session can be expanded to address unhelpful behavioural patterns that were identified as part of the clearance work. This additional clearance work can be done by you the coach or by your client and would involve using the Head Trash Clearance Method.

Here are some of things that Self-sabotage Clearance can help with

  • Getting clarity on business message or proposition
  • Clearing the blocks that are preventing your clients from selling effectively
  • Overcoming the fear of failure that’s holding people back in business or work
  • Finding out whether the goal they’re pursuing is aligned to their true self
  • Removing the resistance that’s preventing people from living healthily
  • Conquering a fear of launching a new course or product
  • Overcoming the things stopping people from starting a family
  • Clearing the resistance people have over attracting and holding down intimate relationships

Our ambitions and desires are limitless, and sabotage-clearance can be used on any aspect of life and work.