I bet you have no idea how much you actually self-sabotage.

I’ll tell you how many sabotaging blocks you have in a bit (it’s way more than you think!)

We all self-sabotage, some more than others obvs.

Here are some clues that self-sabotage is in play…

Being able to spot the clues can help us to realise when self-sabotage is present. Once we know it’s happening, we can then do something about it

1. Goals are persistently elusive

People keep trying – and failing – at reaching them. Money goals? Business goals? Relationship goals? Weight goals?

2. Things feel like a struggle

The struggle is the point where we come up against the sabotaging force. We are literally banging our heads against this invisible wall.

3. Aspects of life suck

Unless you’re deliberately trying to make your life suck, this is sabotage.

4. Anxiety or stress is present

Probably because there are aspects of your life that suck. The relentless-ness of the sabotage can wear people down, especially when it’s going unchecked.

5. Illness is always present

… especially when someone is about to do The Thing that will take them nearer to their goal.
Sometimes our subconscious makes us ill to AVOID doing The Thing. I see this all the time.

Self sabotage sucks. Truly.

What makes it truly suck is that most of our self-sabotage is happening sub-consciously.
This means we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

Do you realise by HOW MUCH you self-sabotage?

By that I mean….

Do you know how many different sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage are standing between you and the The Thing you want?

Clue: it’s more than 10.

I do self-sabotage clearance sessions with my clients and during these sessions I clear EVERY SINGLE SOURCE of sub-conscious self-sabotage. Try saying that drunk!

The numbers vary, but in a typical session I clear anything from 15 to 35 DIFFERENT sources of sub-conscious self-sabotage.

Seriously. That’s a lot, right?

No wonder The Thing you want is out of reach.

You’ve got up to 35 walls to smash through to get to the thing you want.

See? It all makes sense now.

One biz owner was able to triple her business revenue in 6-months after her self-sabotage cleared.

She’d been trying to achieve that for YEARS!.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to ditch your self-sabotage, I have just the thing right here: Self-Sabotage Clearance.

What’s stopping you? No.. silly question! You have no idea! THIS is why you need this.

Would you like to learn how to carry out self-sabotage clearance with your clients?

This is included as part of our Head Trash Coaching training.